Confidence quote of the week

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”—Eleanor Roosevelt

Consider the wise advice of the former first lady as you face this new day. Every day brings new opportunities for positive growth and change in your life—if you let it.

Today could be a good day or bad day.

The decision is yours.

Which is it going to be?


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Question of Confidence

Question of confidence

What would you be doing differently if you had more confidence at work?

Would you ask for that raise you’ve always wanted?

Would you invite a cute colleague out for a drink?

Would you tell a lazy co-worker he’s not pulling his weight?

Or, would you finally look for your dream job—one you love and pays you what you’re worth?

Whatever it is—do it.

Don’t wait till you have more confidence.

Confidence only comes when you stop asking questions and start taking risks.

It comes when you start taking steps forward to get what you really want.

It’s almost 2015.

Stop questioning. Start doing.


Copyright 2014 Michelle Kerrigan


Ways You Give Your Power Away @Work

So—we’re up to the next way you give your power away at work.

To refresh your memory, here are the first 5:

  1. You spend too much time and energy trying to change others.
  2. You put all your career eggs in one basket.
  3. You allow other people to define you.
  4. You can’t disconnect and just be.
  5. You don’t take any, or all, of your vacation days.

And here’s #6: You don’t ask for what you want because you fear rejection.

You don’t ask for that raise. You don’t ask for a promotion. You don’t ask for a referral. You don’t ask for help.

Any of this sound familiar?

Many people think: “I’ll wait till I have more confidence (more experience, more this, more that), and then I’ll ask.”

But, confidence comes from doing, not waiting. It comes from going against what your anxiety dictates—like avoiding asking.

You’re actually rejecting yourself when you don’t ask, mainly because you don’t think you’re worth it.

There’s an old saying: “Don’t ask, don’t get.”

So, start asking.

Start getting.

Start believing you’re worth it. You are!


Copyright 2014 Michelle Kerrigan

How to Know if You Party and Network Like a Pro

Well—once again, the holiday season is upon us and that means office and networking parties.

For some, these can be a drag; for others, it’s their time to shine! Of course, you want to be the latter while having a good time too.

Over the last 30+ years, I’ve attended many of these events—as an employee, a senior executive and now as an expert advisor. It’s easy to spot the people who know what they’re doing as well as the ones who don’t.

Here are 7 signs you party and network like a pro:

#1: You know this is not the time to discuss business.
You relax and enjoy yourself, and let others enjoy themselves too.
People have been working all year long and want to have fun. They don’t want to hear about the new Excel spreadsheet you just developed or the 50-page report you wrote on office ethics. They definitely don’t want to hear you complain—about anything or anyone. It’s annoying and reflects poorly on you. What people want to see is your fun side.

#2: You’re sociable, so you easily mingle.
In other words—you’re not always glued to your teammates. You spend some time meeting new people. Even tech and finance people tend to loosen up at these events, so introduce yourself to a few. Often, I’ve been surprised at how uninhibited people are outside the office.

The holidays are a great time for building new relationships, so start building.

#3: You know how to introduce yourself.
This may seem so simple, but it is so important, and often overlooked. It only takes seconds for people to judge you, so make the first contact count. Remember: this is not just about you. It’s about your impact on others, and how you make your audience feel.

When you are meeting someone for the first time, stand, make eye contact, smile, and shake hands, saying “Hello, I’m [your name], it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
Yes—it’s that simple.

#4: You know no one likes a suck-up.
Especially your boss. I’ve watched people go out of their way to impress CEOs and VPs—I’ve even been on the receiving end—and I can tell you it’s uncomfortable. It feels too staged and manipulative–probably because it is!

Trust me, if you don’t think you’re transparent, think again.

#5: You don’t get sloppy.
Over the years, I’ve seen employees and executives do some pretty foolish things at parties, such as using their fork as a back-scratcher or falling drunkenly backwards into a potted plant. In today’s highly connected world, where an unflattering picture or video of you can be taken instantly and live on social media forever, you’re as much a target for risk and ridicule as Lindsay Lohan.

Remember–this is still a professional event. Save the Red Bull and vodka concoctions for another time.

#6: You’re considerate of the help.
For some reason, when certain employees are let off the leash, they go wild. They think because their party is being given by their company, it gives them license to be rude and demanding—especially to the wait staff. Trust me, it doesn’t go unnoticed. In fact, I know a hiring exec who wouldn’t promote a person because he witnessed this kind of behavior. To me, it signals how you would treat subordinates if you had the least amount of power.

#7: You leave a positive lasting impression.
Just as you don’t want to get sloppy, you do want to be memorable in good way. I have often been told that my personality is a big part of my skill set, and I think that may be because I love making people feel good about themselves. I understand when they’re shy or uncomfortable, so I make it a point to help them open up. It’s amazing the impact this has.

Remember: How you present yourself to others in the business world speaks volumes—and you want to be spoken of as a pro. Even at parties and events, your professional brand is your trademark, which will follow you throughout your career.

So–party like a pro, not like a schmo!
Party like a pro, not a schmo




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Quick tips & tweets for more confidence at work:

This week’s tips & tweets focus on confidence tips to help startups. Success depends largely on your ability to grow and change without feeling vulnerable in the process.

  • Many entrepreneurs experience anxiety in selling their ideas. It’s like selling themselves. You grow confident when the first sale is to yourself.
  • When you focus on how you help others, it builds confidence in you, your company, your team and your investors.
  • Be able to convey your value in human terms: Don’t sound like a presentation or resume.
  • Understand that everything is marketing, so you need to become socially savvy—up close and personal—to succeed.
  • When pitching, think of your audience. Use terms to help them envision successful outcomes. Also make eye contact—it establishes trust.
  • Building rapport & trust is important with investors & clients, as well as your team. They are also the hallmarks of leadership.


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Watch Workplace Confidence TV tonight!

A new episode of my Workplace Confidence TV show airs tonight at 8:30 pm, on Long Island, Channel 18 Cablevision, 28 Fios.

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Step away today.

I recently celebrated a milestone birthday, and, as I adore jewelry shopping, was gifted money to go and splurge.

Looking at all the beautiful pieces in the gold and silver market usually gets me in the “zone”: happy, focused, relaxed.

However, this time, I began to stress over 2 different pieces. They both featured citrine, my birthstone. One was sleek and simple; the other was more ornate and in-your-face. I loved them both, but could only buy one.

After too much time debating over which piece to purchase, I decided to step away: To leave the jewelry counter and head home.

This was the best decision I made that day.

In stepping away, I distressed and gave my mind the space and time to reflect.

We need to do this in the workplace as well, where the decisions we make are much tougher, less reversible, and can have more serious consequences.

In stepping away, we give our minds time to rest from what has been described as “decision fatigue”: exhaustion from over-thinking.

The day after my jewelry hunt, I made a decision: Go with the simple, sleek piece that I can wear more often. And here it is:

Stepping away for better decision making

I’m thrilled with it! More importantly, I know I made the right decision.

So, give yourself that time when making a tough decision at work. Step away, refresh your mind, then come back stronger and more confident.


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Confident quote of the week.

“The worst thing to be is successful as someone else.” –Jay-Z

I was fascinated by Jay-Z on the television series, Oprah Presents Master Class. Many of his stories and words struck such a chord with me—this quote, in particular. This man definitely has master class that is all his own.

He made me wonder: How many people lose themselves in the struggle to become successful? If you’re not careful, you can find yourself playing too much to your audience—whether that audience is your company, your boss, your readers, your fans. When you let others totally dictate your voice and definition, you mold yourself too much to meet their expectations and demands.

It is then that you can let go of who you really are to reach out for those gold rings of fame and fortune.

And in the process, you can lose yourself forever.

Is this really success? Only you can decide.


Copyright 2014 Michelle Kerrigan

Quote by Jay-Z taken from Oprah Presents Master Class, copyright OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network