Cheers to Diane von Furstenberg! More importantly–cheers to you!

International Women's Day

I just saw this post from Diane von Furstenberg’s facebook page, and wanted to share:

“Join us in a commitment to be confident and support others in building their self-esteem: How are you going to help someone be the woman they want to be?”

I remember reading an article about Diane in Town & Country back in 2009 that had a great impact on me and the direction of my blog, which I hope inspires confidence in everyone who reads it.

Reading about Vital Voices and International Women’s Day, I remembered this quote from that article. I couldn’t agree more:

“The relationship that solves your problems is the relationship you have with yourself. Your wholeness comes from you. Your strength comes from you. Once you have that, then you can have the rest, but the rest is a luxury.”

To this, I’d like to add that it’s from this relationship with yourself that all the others grow.

What are you doing to celebrate today?

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