When it comes to cancer, what have you done to help a co-worker cope?

Robin Roberts

This question was asked by Good Morning America’s anchor Robin Roberts, on LinkedIn back in 2009, 2 years after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and 3 years before she was diagnosed with MDS, a rare blood disorder.

Roberts, who opened up about her experience in a series of interviews and looked radiant as she walked the red carpet at the Academy Awards, will now be honored by fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg at the fourth annual DVF Awards at the United Nations on April 5.

It is fitting that I just found my LinkedIn reply to her question now:

“Robin, whether it’s a colleague who has cancer, or one of their family, I offer support to meet their needs. Sometimes, they just need someone to listen. Sometimes, they need advice. Sometimes, they need an inspirational story to give them hope. Sometimes, they need the rest of the team to carry their load for a while.

Sometimes, they need privacy. And, sometimes, they just need a place or a time to cry.

When someone dealing with cancer reaches out, you reach back.”

What have you done to help a co-worker cope?





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