Breathe and reboot.

We lost internet and TV in our home yesterday. Turns out, we needed a new router and set-top box.

The manager at the store told us how easy it would be to install the new equipment. Three hours later, my husband was still frustrated. He tried everything, including rebooting the TV and cable. No dice. Then I got frustrated too.

So, we decided to walk away for a while, before throwing the TV, remote, router and instructions out the window and onto our neighbor’s lawn. It felt good.

They don’t tell you this in the manual, and it’s a lifesaver. Sometimes, you just need to walk away for a while to regain your patience and perspective.

We’re a lot more valuable than any device, and yet we often don’t take the necessary time to breathe and reboot.

When we do this, we come back to our task with renewed energy and focus. We perform better and are a lot more productive.

Our TV and internet service is finally restored, and we feel good.

Do you take time to breathe and reboot?

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