The brilliance of resilience!

Anyone following the story of the horrific EF5 twister that devastated the suburbs of Oklahoma City cannot but help admire the resilience of those affected.

Many people lost everything: their homes were either ripped in half or reduced to a pile of rubble. More tragically, 24 people lost their lives, 10 of them children.

As the residents were being interviewed, what struck me most was their overwhelming strength in the face of disaster, especially considering that this is the second time this particular area has been struck by tornadoes in the last 15 years.

Words such as “we will get through this,” “we will rebuild,” and “we will regain our strength” demonstrated the brilliance of resilience: That brightness that prevails over darkness.

It is this kind of toughness and hardiness that we all need in our lives.

As the future is uncertain for everyone, what will keep us strong and steadfast in our own journeys is our resolve and resilience to overcome, rebuild and move forward.

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