Question marks of quality in leaders.

I am often asked “what are the hallmarks of quality in the perfect leader?” Is it vision? Business savvy? Confidence? Courage?

There is no such thing as a perfect leader. Leaders are human, and thank God for that. I think every employee, team and organization needs to do their own assessment of the value and quality their leaders bring to the workplace.

So, with that in mind, instead of providing answers, here are some questions that may help you come to your own conclusions:

  • How well do the leaders understand their brand, customer, competition, team?
  • Do the leaders set the right tone? Is there an overall sense of unity and positive energy?
  • Are they remote (attitude and location)? Are they open and hands-on in the day-to-day? Accountable? Adaptable? Resilient? Innovative? Creative? Supportive?
  • Do they look for/encourage these same traits in their team?
  • Are the leaders committed to the company’s success, even if it involves stepping up to fill in gaps, or delegating in the company’s best interests?
  • Do they take time to plan every stage and the details it takes to support them? Time, materials, human resources?
  • Do the leaders engage their team in charting the new path, and in getting/giving feedback?
  • Are the leaders invested in expanding their own and the team’s capabilities?



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