Confidence is your greatest currency!

Identity theft is a huge issue these days—we are constantly seeing our credit information being compromised and our email and facebook accounts being hacked.

We do many things to insure that our outward identity is safe, but we’re not as careful with our inward identity—our self esteem. And, that’s the one thing we have to protect the most. 

We often let our guard down by comparing ourselves to others and letting people’s criticism make us feel too self conscious.  And, when we let ourselves be defined by our titles, bank accounts, or the brand name clothes we wear, we are actually leaving the door wide open for thieves to rob our confidence.

Who you are is defined by you and you alone. It’s your belief in yourself and your abilities. It’s prizing your self worth over your net worth, and knowing the difference between the two.

Confidence is your greatest currency—it’s your most valuable asset of all. So own it, guard it. Protect it. And, most of all, grow it!

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