Classic lessons in kickass confidence.

Classic lessons in kickass confidence

I am a frequent guest contributor on Classic Movie Hub about classic movie characters with kickass confidence. Each of these characters has inspired me. I hope that they inspire you too.

This week’s post is about Marty Piletti in Marty, portrayed by Ernest Borgnine (Academy Award for Best Actor).

There are certain movies that I love to watch over and over. Marty is one of them.

Marty is the story of a sweet, but socially-awkward man whose family is constantly hounding him to get married. A 34-year-old butcher from the Bronx in the 1950s, Marty sees himself as a fat, ugly and unlovable man resigned to life as a lonely bachelor.

However, at a dance, he meets Clara, who is a kindred spirit: plain, unglamorous, and still living at home with her parents. Marty and Clara share their dreams and their stories, tenderly transforming their loneliness into encouragement.

It is so joyous to see the scene where Marty, exuberant after taking Clara home, almost dances down the street. The success of the date has given him a type of confidence he has never known before.

But what gives Marty true kickass confidence is his own ability to rise above all the objections he hears from his family and friends who think Clara is a “dog” and a “nothing” girl, and that he can do better. He is almost persuaded to never see her again, but listens to his heart instead, which tells him he’s finally found true happiness.

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