Time flies! 2 time management tips:

Time management tips

Many people I coach complain about time “getting away from them.” We tend to be great at making lists, but not so great at scheduling time to do the things on the list. In addition, we are often unaware of how long tasks really take to complete.

So, here are 2 time management tips:

  1. When you are doing a particular task, time yourself. See how long it actually takes to complete, as compared to how long you thought it would take. You may be very surprised by the vast difference! We often underestimate time.

Knowing how long things take will also help you schedule your tasks at a time that is more appropriate. And that brings up tip #2:

  1. A “what” not attached to a “when” never gets done. That to-do list of yours will stay just as is until you schedule time to tackle it!

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