How confidence and self esteem are successful business models of behavior.

Once upon a time, people (including me) were dedicated employees to one company for many years. There was always an expectation that our companies would take care of us. We would give loyalty and hard work in return for pensions, 401k plans and lifetime medical.

This was the ideal….then.

Gone are the days of certainty. Whatever we do now is temporary. The rate of change in the world is accelerating as technology evolves. Very few things today last a lifetime, including careers.

Even companies will rise and fall quicker, because it’s so difficult to predict the future. Business models based on today could look totally different tomorrow.

The one business model that will remain constant is the one of human behavior, built on confidence and self esteem.

I believe that future corporate success will rely more than ever on human success. The ability of leaders, teams and individuals to be adaptable, resilient, patient, determined, imaginative, curious and, most of all, confident, are the only certainties that matter.

There’s a human mind and hand behind every piece of technology, and, as the world is more socially connected, the more human and confident a company is, the more it will thrive.

Just as our own abilities to handle change help us become more successful as individuals, collectively, we become more successful as teams and companies. It’s the mindset that matters.

Confidence and self esteem bring meaning and value to people and bring meaning and value to business.

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