4 Tips for Networking with Confidence

For many professionals, attending networking events poses a huge problem. Even in this socially-connected world, most people think of networking as forced, unnatural and a general pain in the butt. It’s one thing to communicate behind a veil of technology via text, facebook and LinkedIn; it’s another to have a conversation up close and personal.

Commuting and waiting: How to diffuse your ticking time bomb

If you’re like me, and commute from the suburbs to the city, you’ve logged some serious hours of travel time: on the LIRR, the subway, and bus. Then, there’s the seemingly endless waiting time: in lines and at appointments. It’s enough to make you feel like you’re wasting (and waiting) your life away and it

30-second cure for anxiety

One of the quickest methods for calming anxiety involves quieting the mind. Much of our fear and worry comes from our minds working overtime, chattering away nonstop. This internal running commentary is often filled with negativity, including “what-if” and “you should” thinking. It is extremely exhausting, especially when you need a few moments to relax

Social graces: Have we gone from a “know boundaries” to a “no boundaries” culture?

In today’s highly social/virtual world, where connection and content seem to be everything, we may have disconnected far too much from traditional mores. Just reading some facebook posts that broadcast more intimate details than anyone needs to know (from sex life to bodily functions), makes it more painfully obvious that we’re heading from a “know

Is Your Company Valuable or Vulnerable? 4 Questions You Need to Ask.

Gandhi once said you can measure the civilization of a people by how they treat their animals. Translated into corporate terms: you can measure the success of leaders by how they value teamwork and day-to-day operations. Recently, a law firm partner who specializes in joint ventures and venture capital transactions asked me what I look

30-second cure for anxiety

If you’re having one of those difficult days, there’s nothing like a deliberate act of kindness as a quick cure. Yes—right in the middle of the workday. Think of someone (besides yourself) who could use a little attention. Maybe a co-worker, your friend, your mom. Shoot them a text or give them a quick call,