Fashioning your brand to be a cut above the rest

Dressed for confidence and success

In the world of precious stones, cut accounts for 40% of a gem’s brilliance and perceived value.

So it can be with your professional brand.

The correct cut of clothes not only improves the fit, but can make all the difference in how you look and feel, and how you are perceived.

Choosing fit over brand is key. Don’t waste money on name brands if they don’t fit you properly. A good tailor is a much wiser investment, and can make all the difference. Just a few adjustments by a talented neighborhood shop can transform an outfit into something special without all the expense.

Some things to look for:

Shoulder fit: Is the most important in shirts, tops and jackets, because it determines how garments hang on your body. It is what gives the most structure. It is also the one thing that usually cannot be altered well, so be sure to select a garment that hangs correctly on you from the get-go. Suggestion: the seam of the shoulder and sleeve should sit where the form of your shoulder and arm fit. There shouldn’t be any sagging, tightening or pulling.

Sleeve length: Try and stay at or slightly above the natural “V” made by your forefinger and thumb. Overly long sleeves not only look clumsy, they can caught on everything!

Waist: Should never fit tight. In fact, it’s better to buy something a slight bit bigger and have the waist cinched appropriately. Strained button closures and muffin top are not options.

Pants: should graze the front of your shoes, and be off the ground in the back by at approximately a 1/2-3/4 inch. Always wear the appropriate shoes when you are having pants tailored.

Fabric: Should have what I like to call “good hand”—meaning it feels good to the touch. How can you feel comfortable and confident in something stiff or itchy?

Just like the cut of a precious gem, the cut of your clothes works wonders in enhancing your professional appearance, reflecting polish and projecting confidence.

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