30-second cure for anxiety

30-second cure for anxiety--relaxing your tongue

One of the quickest methods for calming anxiety involves quieting the mind. Much of our fear and worry comes from our minds working overtime, chattering away nonstop.

This internal running commentary is often filled with negativity, including “what-if” and “you should” thinking. It is extremely exhausting, especially when you need a few moments to relax in the midst of a hectic day.

So, try this technique taken from the fascinating book Awakening the Mind by Anna Wise. It’s a way to quiet your mind by relaxing your tongue.

Yes—you read that right. Your tongue.

Apparently, when you relax your tongue completely, it becomes impossible to talk to yourself, or to think.

The steps are:

Close your eyes and allow your tongue to relax in your mouth. Even allow your mouth to hang open if necessary.

As you inhale and exhale slowly, feel your tongue begin to relax. It may feel like it’s floating in your mouth.

Focus only on relaxing your tongue. Let it just be still.

Just. Let. It. Go………

Now—try and think—you will be amazed! When your tongue is completely still, your mind is completely still as well.

This form of mini-meditation could just be the break you need to rest your mind and give yourself a chance for your thoughts to clear. It can be done anytime, anywhere.

Try it and see.

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