30-Second Cure for Anxiety

 visualization for relaxation

Ever have one of those days when you feel like you want to scream?

Everyone does.

Sometimes, it’s hard to calm ourselves down and get to our happy place.

That’s why a little self-guided visualization helps.

And this is how it works: Study a picture that represents not only a place that you love, but a wonderful memory. Then, engage all your senses as you conjure up the experience.

For instance, I still have this little postcard from The Grand Canal Restaurant in The Hotel Monaco in Venice. My husband and I had the most amazing shrimp scampi meal there. The smell and flavor were heaven—garlic, white wine, butter–what’s not to love?

It was sunset, and the gondoliers were returning to the main dock, and calling out softly to each other in Italian. Their paddles were making a faint sound, and the tiny waves from the canal gently lapped up against the pier.  As I reached for my glass of chilled wine, a little bird landed right near my plate, and hopped around, watching me eat. I knew he was hoping for a little taste—a nightly ritual I noticed he performed for all the diners.  It was the best  teensy-weensy dinner show I have ever seen.

Whenever I look at this photo, engage all my senses and remember that wonderful evening, I become calm, relaxed, and happy. In fact, just typing this post feels good. Real, real, good.

Try it with your own memories and see.

And don’t forget to taste, smell, hear, and touch.

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