The importance of clarity, confidence, and commitment from the inside out.

Recently, I went to a seminar about leveraging the media to spread your organization’s message. As I am in the media (TV show and blog), I thought it would be very interesting, and a great learning experience.  It was.

This seminar was primarily attended by not-for-profit organizations: Causes that have been around for years, and which have done tremendous work.

What surprised me most, though, was that they didn’t seem crystal clear in their mission or their message. They were all wrestling with what they thought were preconceived ideas from the media. Worse, they were all wrestling with fragmentation in teamwork and lack of consensus within their own organizations. It was easy to sense that their internal strife was being mirrored in their external message.

You see, they were making it more about them, and less about those they serve.

Mission and message are all about a shared commitment of confidence in improving the lives of the people we serve.

When you are not clear about how you help people, and lack commitment and confidence, how can you instill either in your clients and customers?

Confidence comes from the inside out. Quell the internal struggle before you tackle anything external. Know your message. Be confident in it. And most of all, be committed to why you’re there in the first place: to help others.

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