Questions of Confidence

Every day, I’m asked questions about confidence by family, friends, and clients. In fact, while attending an MIT Enterprise Forum last night, a person covering the event asked me what I thought was the biggest confidence issue for entrepreneurs (more about that later).

So, I’ve decided to share my tips here to help you too.

Today’s question is:

“I hate networking functions and only go if people in my office go with me. Is this a problem?”

I can appreciate how anxiety-producing networking can be. It’s natural to feel more comfortable arriving with a group.

However, the whole point in networking is to build new relationships, so row away from the rocks. Stop clinging to the shore of security with your friends, and spend time meeting new people. You can also introduce them to your group

Remember, most people are uncomfortable in networking situations, so you are not alone. In fact, try introducing yourself to someone who actually is alone, and focus on making them feel more comfortable.

It will build your confidence and make you both feel terrific!

Copyright 2013 Michelle Kerrigan

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