Confidence from the inside out

I recently attended a Harvard Business Review event called “How I Did It—Live: Powerful Stories of Strategic Business Leadership from the World’s Top CEOs.”

The interview focused on Andrew Taylor, Executive Chairman of Enterprise Holdings. Andy shared his story of how Enterprise used its acquisition of National and Alamo to drive positive change throughout the organization.

One thing really stood out to me: the importance of confidence from the inside out.

You see, Enterprise prides itself on training and promoting their employees, which in turn has a positive impact on customers. Many companies don’t get the connection between happy employees and happy clients and customers. Obviously, Mr. Taylor does.

Confidence in a brand has to be successful on the employee level before it can be successful on the corporate and customer level. I wrote about this very topic in Marketing from the Inside Out to Win Employee and Consumer Confidence:

Remember: Employees are your greatest change agents. Your best campaign and biggest revenue driver is sitting right in front of you.

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