What’s Your Brand of Confidence?

question mark of confidence

In the last few years, I’ve wrestled with what to call myself…coach, consultant, expert……all of the above. Have you ever done this? If I had a penny for every time I’ve thought of changing my title on LinkedIn, I’d be a very wealthy woman.

We often go through this exercise when we’re going through change: a) in between jobs, b) starting our own business, or c) wrestling with our own identity. LinkedIn is easy for people with a title already bestowed on them: VP Marketing Services, Sony Music. Sounds good, yes? That was my title once upon a time. Felt good too—until it disappeared.

Confidence isn’t bestowed on us. True confidence comes from within. Never trust your confidence to anyone or anything outside yourself. Trust yourself, not your title. Your brand of confidence is yours and yours alone.

Have you ever had a crisis of confidence?

Copyright 2013 Michelle Kerrigan

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