Quick tip in career confidence: be a reliable brand.

Most people in the workforce today will change careers many times. The one thing that will remain constant is you–your brand–and reliability is a big part of that.

There’s reliability that is good, and reliability that is bad. Obviously, you want good. Let me explain:

I have a friend who always shows up to appointments 30 minutes late. I can trust that, no matter when we’re meeting, I’ll be waiting.

This is not the reliability you want associated with your brand. Your brand is your trademark, and it’s built by consistency—good and bad. Once established as bad, it’s hard to change perception.

Even if, starting today, my friend begins showing up on time, it will be hard to shake my belief that he will be late.

So, build and maintain a reliable brand. Be memorable for the good.

What are you known for?


Copyright 2014 Michelle Kerrigan

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