Fashion Forward: Being confident is more than just a trend.

fashion and confidence

So, I’m pouring over the thick March fashion issues and reviewing what’s hot for Spring.

First, a few tips on trends:

  • Don’t try so hard to follow trends because you can lose your mind! Trends are moving so fast that they’re hard to define and pin down.
  • The internet has expanded the fashion dialogue. Just like technology, it’s an ever-changing flow of information.
  • The idea is to translate trends your way—to customize your wardrobe with a few key colors and pieces in mind.

Here’s my take on some of the Spring trends:

  • Green—particularly emerald. One way I’m enjoying this color is on earrings or bracelets paired with a soft gray blouse or blazer. It’s a fantastic combo. The gray makes the green really pop!
  • Blush. I’ve always thought this color looks good on anyone, especially in a more structured garment, where it doesn’t look too peep-ish. I love blush in a man-tailored blouse or pleated skirt—also in right now.
  • Black and white. For me, this combo never goes out of style. I love to pair it with gold jewelry and a few splashes of red or royal blue.
  • The mini bag. Sorry—I carry my life in my bag. Unless I’m going to a formal function, I need the real estate of a larger purse!  And, as a tall woman, a larger version looks more proportionate to me.
  • The high-heeled mule. Meaning: backless shoe that is hard to wear, especially on New York City streets. You literally run the risk of stepping right out of them! But, if you can swing it, go for it! These heels are beautiful and sexy. If you can walk in them without teetering, they make your legs look fantastic!
  • The cropped pant. They can be cute, but I’m not a big fan. As a full-figured woman, I prefer the full-length look, where the pant hem touches the top of my shoes. Much more elongating and elegant, no? However, if you feel good in it—do it!
  • Metallic. I love metallics mostly in accessories, especially jewelry and purses. It’s bling, afterall, and who doesn’t love that?!

Just remember: Fashion is meant to be fun. It’s your way of expressing yourself.

At the end of the day (and season!), no matter what you wear, wear it with style and confidence!



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