30-Second Cure for Anxiety

30-second cure for anxiety

You may want to put that double espresso macchiato down as you read this:

Caffeine causes anxiety!

It is the top substance known for triggering a stress response in your body—just what you don’t need, especially if you’re already prone to anxiety and depression. And, it’s not limited to coffee. It’s in tea, cola and chocolate too. So, one of the best cures is to limit your overall intake.

In fact, in his book, Caffeinated, Murray Carpenter explores the impact of caffeine, revealing some interesting facts, such as: It’s easier to get hopped up on coffee than on Red Bull!

He also confirms what I already knew: caffeine can spark full-blown panic attacks in people already predisposed to them. The syndrome, identified in a 1974 study, is aptly named caffeinism.

My suggestion? Start monitoring your intake. Monitoring is an important  first step in positive change.

Record how much coffee, tea, chocolate or cola you have every day for a week. You may be very surprised!

Then, begin cutting back. If you need a pick-me-up, try replacing coffee breaks with brisk walks. On the flip side, exercise calms you down.

It could make all the difference. Try it and see.

Good luck!!


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