Crouching Tiger, Hidden Wallpaper

don't hide your mistakes--deal with them

We’ve had this wallpaper in our kitchen for several years. I purchased it during an experimental design phase, and loved the effect for about 6 months. My husband hated it immediately. Nevertheless, we both felt stuck with it, and hoped we would get used to it.

Over time, I invested a good deal of money in artwork and knick knacks to hang on the walls. When I finally suggested to my husband that we put up a chair rail and paint the lower half white, he shocked me by saying that we should change the wallpaper. I had never considered this option because a) I knew how much work it would entail, b) I thought my husband would never agree to it, and c) I was afraid of making another mistake.

I realized then that I had been trying to hide the wallpaper for years instead of doing what really needed to be done: replace it. It was worth the added work and expense: We both now love how the kitchen looks.

How often do you do this in your career? How often do you try and cover up what you don’t like? How long do you make yourself suffer over a mistake when making a change would be the best thing?  How is holding on to the fear of change better than pushing through it and finding success on the other side?

Trust yourself—Make the change. Trust me–it’s worth it.


Copyright 2014 Michelle Kerrigan

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