What does confidence sound like?

This question came up recently from someone who wanted to sound confident.

Some people think a confident voice sounds cocksure. Some think it sounds strong and loud.

There are many ways to describe the sound of confidence. Here are a few:

A confident voice is expert in her subject but is open to different views.

A confident voice is resilient and understands that no one wins every single time.

A confident voice knows how to deal with disappointment, and does not blame herself and say she’s a failure, defective, or unlovable; or that she’ll never be successful.

A confident voice is compassionate.

A confident voice is empowering and supportive.

A confident voice keeps a sense of humor.

A confident voice has a belief in her ability to overcome obstacles.

A confident voice is in touch with her strengths and knows how to use them to help others.

A confident voice knows self-control: when to speak and when to listen.

A confident voice takes action in a positive, problem-solving way.

A confident voice knows she is loved.


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    And a confident voice can also write such an inspiration :)
    Thanks for sharing this post! If it is one to one communication then confidence can be easily analyzed in eyes and body language. Confidence is the attitude a person possess. It is what makes a person and also can mar a person: if gets over the top!

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