Business a la Carte: Getting Your Just Desserts

Business a la carte--basic tips for business dining

Over the years, I’ve eaten more rubber chickens at events than I care to remember, and have wined and dined my way through countless business seminars, lunches and dinners.

Early in my career, I would feel stiff and nervous at these functions, always fearful that I would say or do the wrong thing. I would hardly touch my meal, and always left feeling famished and looking forward to a generous snack when I got home.

Call it wisdom, or age, or whatever—I finally just made up my mind to relax. To stop worrying and go with the flow. To actually enjoy my company as well as my meal. To have fun!

In fact, I’m smiling now, remembering a luncheon I attended recently. Everyone was standing, trying to do that difficult balancing act of eating and drinking while networking. I decided to enjoy a plate of the excellent desserts they were serving, and chose to sit alone at a table and just dig in. My action must’ve have broken the ice, because within minutes, people were joining me. We all shared stories of our favorite desserts, and I made some wonderful new friends.

Great business, after all, is like a fabulous dessert: meant to be shared and enjoyed.

So, relax and dig in. Be yourself and have fun!


Copyright 2014 Michelle Kerrigan

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