For you, Mom, with love.

I believe the most difficult job on this earth is being a great mom. It requires more confidence and courage than any successful CEO.

My mom is no exception. To me, she is a superhero.

Mom was way ahead of her time. She went to work full-time in the 1960s, when I started grammar school. I was a latch-key kid—definitely not the norm in those days. Although I missed having her at home, I admired her.

You see, my mom also became vice president of her industry’s union. She fought for workers’ rights, believing deeply that she could help others. And, she helped many people. That kind of compassion and courage is powerfully infectious, and has greatly influenced my own professional career.

It has helped me to put people first—their concerns and needs. It has made me a better leader, and is a big part of why I chose to specialize in workplace confidence: to help people move past their fear and anxiety and become stronger and more successful.

I thank my mom for setting such an amazing example, and for inspiring that unmistakable mark of confidence in me.  I wish for all my readers an unshakable belief in yourself and your abilities.

Happy Mother’s Day!!



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    I love your post Michelle! Aunt Joan is an inspiration…please tell her I said Happy Mother’s Day!!! Lots of love, Jenny

    • michellekerrigan


      She sends love back, Jenny! Hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day too! xoxo

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