Quick Tips and Tweets!

This week’s tips and tweets revolve around perseverance–so necessary to success. You need determination to handle setbacks and to keep moving forward. Confidence drives perseverance. It’s that belief in yourself that gives you the resolve you need to go after what you want.

  • Between your dream and your dream-come-true lies the process, where many give of you up and give in. Don’t. Keep going!
  • How is holding on to the fear of change better than pushing through it and finding success on the other side?
  • How long do you make yourself suffer over a mistake when making a change would be the best thing?
  • Stop being so hard on yourself. Put the bat down. Stop beating yourself up and start believing in yourself.
  • Stop problem generating with “What if’s”. Start problem solving by asking  “What’s the next positive step I can take to move myself forward?” Then do it! Activity counters anxiety.
  • What does confidence sound like? A confident voice is in touch with her strengths and knows how to use them to help others.
  • A confident voice knows how to deal with disappointment and does not blame herself and say she’s a failure, defective, or unlovable.
  • A confident voice has a belief in her ability to overcome obstacles.

Here’s to you and your perseverance!



Copyright 2014 Michelle Kerrigan

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