5 Ways to Become More Inspired

Maya Angelou inspires me

We may encounter defeats, but we must not be defeated.—Maya Angelou

I find this quote by Maya Angelou very inspirational, especially when I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed and want to give up. Often, just a simple sentence such as this can keep me going.

Inspiration is very powerful. It is something or someone that moves us to act, that stimulates our minds to a level of feeling that inspires activity.

We all need inspiration in our lives—to keep us going, to keep us strong–and there are many ways to get it.

Here are just a few:

Public figures, friends and family members. Whom do you admire? For me, Ms. Angelou is at the top of a very long list that includes my mom, my husband, Oprah Winfrey and Joyce Meyer. I am particularly inspired by people who have triumphed over great suffering in their lives, and who share their stories so that we may find hope too.

Books, articles and blogs. You may want to try author Martha Beck, a life coach with invaluable insight and advice. And, if you’re reading my blog right now—thank you. I hope it’s inspiring you too.

One thing I find helpful is keeping an “inspiration file” of written pieces that I can reference any time I want. It’s an instant feel-good folder right at my fingertips. Highly recommended!

A coach, mentor, and/or leader. Working with, and for, someone you admire and trust can be very rewarding. It’s a collaboration that provides a sounding board, as well as expert advice, support and motivation. I’ve also found that terrific leaders and mentors make wonderful role models, inspiring us to be more like them.

Places. Gardens, museums, houses of worship—all great places for inspiration. I happen to love the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City because no matter where I look, I see something beautiful that moves me.

Your own life, and how you use it to help others. There is inspiration all around you every day. You just need to take the time to see it. You also need to take the time to use that inspiration to help others.

I took a family member for a consultation at a cancer center yesterday, and was inspired by such a feeling of strength: from the staff, the patients, and especially from my mother-in-law as she quietly and confidently made life and death decisions.

I felt incredibly grateful to be there to provide the love and support she needed.

When you become aware of how precious and wonderful life is, it has such a positive impact on your attitude. And when your attitude moves you to reach out and help others, that is the most inspirational gift of all.



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