Question of Confidence: Should I allow a colleague to ride my coattails?

While I consider myself to be the consummate team player, my answer to this question is “no”.

Teamwork is all about collaborating to reach common goals. However, each of you brings something special to the table, and it’s that unique quality that should remain just that—yours. That’s your brand and it’s what helps you build your career.

And, as the rate of change in the world of work has never been this fast, you need to be nimble and quick to adapt. So, the more people you allow to hang on to you, the slower you go.

You have to be careful with hangers-on. They are not the doers. They expect you to do the heavy lifting, and are just along for the ride.

It’s fine to offer friends and colleagues support. Just don’t let them weigh you, or your career, down.


Copyright 2014 Michelle Kerrigan

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