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I was recently interviewed on a radio show called Moving Up the Ladder. We discussed confidence killers that undermine us at work.

What intrigued me most during the interview was something that I’m adding to the list: the absence of visual cues.

As a TV host, I’m used to sitting across from my guests, and reading their facial expressions and body language.

Radio is a whole other medium.

As visual cues are a big part of everyone’s message, not having them can be a confidence killer.

I learned a few things during that interview that can help you as well—especially if you have a phone interview for a job:

  1. Focus more on the intonation and the way your audience is speaking.
  2. Listen as much as you speak. Not seeing the interviewer can make you anxious, and when you’re anxious, you can over-deliver and go on and on!
  3. Check in with your audience: “Does this answer your question?” or “Was that helpful?” And, give them time to answer.
  4. Ditch the script. Learn to think on your feet. Get comfortable with improvising. That’s what makes the art of conversation fun and interesting.
  5. Most of all, be in the moment. Don’t worry about what you’re going to say next. Enjoy the flow!

Here’s a link to the interview:



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