Derek Jeter Re2pect

At 37, Jeter might never again play the game the way he once did. But he still can show you how to win.”

This quote is from a 2011 NY Post article by Steve Serby. He is speaking about Derek Jeter, who had recently suffered a calf injury and was in rehabilitation in Tampa, Florida.

Like the rest of major-league baseball and its fans, Serby was wondering about Jeter’s future: Was his career on the decline?

This article—especially this one quote–impacted my future.

At that time, I, too, was struggling with my own career, wondering what to do next. I, too, was fatigued by stress, and was at a point where I didn’t feel that I could play the corporate game the way I once did.

However, the story of Derek Jeter made me realize that I could still show people how to win.

I began this blog two years later.

Jeter’s story made me realize that we all have struggles in our careers—it’s what we do in spite of them, and because of them, that matters.

Jeter made a stellar comeback after that injury, breaking most baseball records. Last night, we all had the pleasure of watching him play his final All-Star game.

He left the field to a standing ovation. It was all-star, all-Jeter: dignified and classy.

My hat’s off to him: Derek Jeter showed me the way to win.

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