30-Second Cure for Anxiety

30-second cure for anxiety

Lose the drama. Yep—it’s that simple.

In a world where waves of feeling flood social media and “reality” TV, it’s easy to get caught up in someone else’s drama, and even mistake it for your own.

And, if you’re already an anxious person, you’re easily drawn to the negative instead of the positive. Anxiety and fear just seem to feel more natural, and you wind up making much ado about nothing.

So stop. Recognize it. Are you over-thinking and over-analyzing? Are you mistaking feelings for facts? Are you only seeing the emotional and not the practical?

If you are, then step off the stage. It’s just your drama talking. Or—someone else’s.

I remember sharing an office with a drama queen many years ago. She had angst over most things: her work, her weight, her husband, her family, our boss…you name it. She was a very kind and sensitive person, however, I never realized how much her drama affected me until I got my own office.

The difference was astounding. I felt relaxed and free.

Years later, when I started suffering from panic attacks, I began to realize that I was doing this all on my own, without any help. I had become my own drama queen.

It was then that I learned to recognize that it was just my negative thoughts that were creating the commotion.

And so I stopped, and got down from the stage.

Now I feel relaxed and free. I avoid drama–my own and other people’s–as much as possible.

And, so can you. Try it and see,



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