Say “Yes” to the Dress and “No” to “Perfect”

One of my favorite shows on TV is Say Yes to the Dress, on TLC.

I love the workplace atmosphere. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by gowns and tiaras all day? It feels like a fairy tale.

One thing I’ve noticed more lately is the use of the word “perfect.” The brides-to-be use it often to describe just about everything: their groom, their wedding venue, their wedding day, and of course, their dress. And, it’s not just that these things have to be perfect in their eyes, they need reassurance of perfection from their friends and family too.

And this brings me to the other trend I notice: each and every bride describes her husband-to-be as her “rock,” or the calm in her storm–the opposite to her “type-A personality.”

This makes me wonder: Are there any confident brides—or women—out there?

Or do we need everything to be perfect to feel confident?

I believe that the quest for perfection is a definite confidence killer.

I believe we need to trust ourselves more—our own voice and our own taste.

I believe we need to say “yes” to ourselves more, and have less stress about pleasing everyone else.

After all, giving ourselves permission to be imperfect is giving ourselves permission to be human. And that’s a great thing.

It may not be a fairy tale ending, but it certainly helps us to live our lives happily ever after.



Copyright 2014 Michelle Kerrigan


Say Yes to the Dress, copyright TLC



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