Even Superheroes Get the Blues.

Yesterday, I finalized my new avatar for my social media platforms, and here it is—ta-da!

Super Executive!

I was thrilled as we uploaded it to Twitter after a long day of tweaks and discussion. It has just the right combination of corporate confidence and empowerment with a nod to the superhero in all of us.

Later that evening, my husband saw the drawing lying on my desk. When I told him what it was, he was concerned—thinking it looked playful, not powerful; but I wanted both.

His comment made me start to doubt myself and feel anxious.

My cape no longer fluttered, but drooped sadly on the floor.

It was then that I realized that, after a long day of doing good, even superheroes can feel tired and cranky.

After a good night’s sleep, the world—and this drawing—looked so much better.

So, if you’re a superhero who battles for good daily, give yourself a break.

Relax and hang up your cape.

You need your rest to do your best tomorrow.


Copyright 2014 Michelle Kerrigan


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