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Interviewing--What not to do

Yesterday, a friend of mine called to ask for advice. She is looking for a job and saw one listed on the site of the corporation where she used to work.

She was struggling with the online form that had a million fields to fill out. She wanted to know my thoughts on salary and was also stressing about putting her date of college graduation.

It was clear to me that this form was making her very anxious.

I was shocked that she was even filling out a form for a company where she already had contacts. I advised her to forget the form and start reaching out to the people she knows. To ask them if they know—not the “hiring agent,” which signals Human Resources—but the decision-maker: The buyer. The one who can say “yes.”

My friend hesitated. Even after all these years, she still felt shy and awkward.

Here’s a true pro—one with years of incredible experience—and the hiring process was getting the better of her.

I know that once she gets the job, she will shine.

It’s selling herself to get the job that’s the problem.

What she needs more than anything else is to believe in herself and her skills, her personality, her true value, her self-worth. To see that she has what it takes to produce excellent results, especially as she’s done it many times before.

Then, she needs to start networking. Networking strengthens relationships and builds confidence, which preps you for the main event: The interview.

So, stop relying on a form. Pick up the phone. Send out an email. Reach out for help.

You gain confidence by believing first, then doing!




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