The Sound of Confidence.

Recently, I had the pleasure of recording a few radio demos at the brand-new ProMedia Studios in New York City. A friend, who is also a sound engineer, knew I wanted to record a few spots, and surprised me by asking if I would like to help them christen the new equipment by being their “demo”!

It was an unexpected opportunity. I was excited and anxious.

Although I’d been interviewed on the air before, I had never recorded in a sound booth.

This certainly was a night of “firsts” all around!

When I sat down in the booth and leaned into the mike, I could see my right hand begin to quiver a little.

Then, I recorded my opening line:

“This is Workplace Confidence in 60 Seconds with Michelle Kerrigan.”

The sound engineer—an amazing pro—guided me through a few takes, and I recorded my first full demo. Wow–I could hear the little quiver in my voice now.

With the second demo, I felt more relaxed. Even the engineer commented that I sounded stronger.

That was the sound of confidence.

Exposing myself to this new experience helped me to get through my wall of anticipatory anxiety. I felt great!

Confidence comes when you believe in yourself, and then take action. It comes when you get beyond fear and doubt. When you try new things. When you step up to the plate.

Confidence comes in the doing.

When it comes, you’ll feel—and sound—great!



Copyright 2014 Michelle Kerrigan

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