Remembering 9/11 and the true towers of strength: US

Towers of Confidence. Statue of Liberty Between Twin Towers, World Trade Center at Sunset, New York City, New Jersey,  New York, designed Minoru Yamasaki

September 11, 2001 was a horrific day. No matter where you were, you will always remember.

That day, terrorists attacked and destroyed precious lives and landmarks.

But I believe that what they were truly after was our confidence.

In targeting Wall Street and the Pentagon, they went after symbols of power.

Little did they know about our true power: US.

I was working in Manhattan that day, and found myself walking across the 59th Street Bridge. There were thousands of us exiting the city, with fighter planes above us, and plumes of smoke below us.

It was a frightening scene, but we were calm, quiet, orderly—not what you would expect from New Yorkers.

You see, something miraculous happened that day: We walked like a team.

9/11 actually brought us closer.

I am sure this is not what the terrorists wanted.

Thirteen years later, we have rebuilt.

We have persevered.

We have held on to the one thing that will always be US:





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