30-Second Cure for Anxiety

30-second cure for anxiety

It’s getting close to Sunday night, when many people begin to get anxious—very anxious.

It’s a ritual that many of us feel: a foreboding about what’s to come tomorrow.

This not only makes us anxious about the future; it also destroys our present moment—the few remaining hours of our weekend.

Counter that ritual with another: positive affirmations.

Instead of the negative ritual, create a positive one that relaxes and empowers you.

There are 4 rules I find helpful in creating these affirmations:

  1. They must be positive
  2. They must be spoken in the present tense
  3. They must begin with “I”
  4. They must be repeated–often

For example:

“I am calm. I am confident and secure. I enjoy today, and don’t fear tomorrow. It’s just another adventure. All is well.”

Feels better, no?

The whole idea of—and science behind–affirmations is to reprogram your subconscious mind to think positive thoughts which reap positive action.

Remember: your beliefs are your biology.

If you flood yourself with negative thoughts, you’ll  drown in anxious feelings and behaviors.

But, if you feed your mind with positive thoughts, you’ll reap the rewards of empowering thoughts and behaviors. You’ll draw better things to you!

Try it and see.


Copyright 2014 Michelle Kerrigan

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