Building Your Confidence Muscle

Building confidence, building your confidence muscle

I started taking vocal lessons the other day to strengthen my voice for radio, TV and public appearances. The training consists of various breathing and phrasing exercises, which looked easy, but felt like torture! I found myself straining my neck, clenching my teeth, and holding my breath! I can see this is going to be a long process.

The whole idea here is to build stamina and focus, so I don’t run out of breath, pause in strange places, and lose my way. These exercises are done with intent and require constant practice. That’s how I’m going to build my vocal muscle.

It made me think of the time when I started weight training. In the beginning, I could only lift a few pounds with my arms and legs. I felt awkward and unsure, and clumsily dropped the weights a few times. I was sore, terribly out-of-shape, and frustrated. Over time—and with constant practice and intent–this changed and I built muscle. Now, the trainer is amazed at how much weight I can lift, and so am I!

This brings me to confidence—another muscle you need to constantly exercise for it to grow stronger.  Confidence, like vocal and weight training, requires perseverance, practice and patience. It definitely requires intent, and like all strength-building, comes in the doing. It’s about challenging yourself to do the things you never thought you could do, until you’re on the other side of doing them.

When you intentionally keep your confidence muscle strong, you never run out of breath, pause in strange places or lose your way.

Did you exercise your confidence today?


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