Ways You Give Your Power Away @Work

There are many ways you give your power away in your career, often without you even knowing it. I’ve been sharing a few of these with you.

The first 2–spending too much time and energy trying to change others, and putting all your career eggs in one basket—are discussed in prior posts.

Here’s the third way:

You allow other people to define you.

You are not your title. You are not your executive level. You are not your salary. You are not a company’s definition of you.

You are your definition of you.

Case in point: I recently had a guest on my TV show who, when asked how he wanted his name displayed on the screen, gave his title as defined by his company. Oddly enough, this was not the job he aspired to—in fact, he disliked it so much, he was getting ready to hand in his notice. I asked him what he sees himself as, and he gave a better title—one that describes him and what he loves to do, not his place in a company.

When you allow others to define you, they have the power to change or take away that definition. And when they do, you not only lose your power, you lose your identity.

Your power needs to come from you—no one else.

That’s how you never give it away.

That’s how your definition of you is always yours.


Copyright 2014 Michelle Kerrigan

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