The Genuine Article

the genuine article?


I had an interesting experience last week. I went to an art and antiques appraisal event at Old Westbury Gardens, Long Island.

I was very interested in learning about a diamond ring my aunt had passed down to me when I was a teenager. The ring sits in a Tiffany box that has a leather top and an aged, white velvet interior. For the last 30+ years, I thought I owned a piece of antique Tiffany jewelry.

My own jeweler had already doubted the origin, but I had a hard time believing him—the ring was in a Tiffany box, after all!

His suspicions were confirmed. The appraiser studied my ring for a while with her loupe. Yes—I have an antique diamond ring, and yes, it’s still beautiful, but the only thing that’s genuine Tiffany is the box!

It got me thinking about how—with the right packaging—we can think that someone or something is more valuable just by the label. Often, we’re wrong.

We need to look closer to learn if they’re the genuine article.


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  1. Lou Vaccarelli


    Packaging can work in your favor – “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”

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