30-Second Cure for Anxiety

30-second cure for anxiety

Did you know that the average person has a negative thought every 2 ½ minutes? And, many of us are above average.

A good deal of these negative thoughts happen first thing in the morning, often before you even get out of bed: “Ugh, it’s raining outside,” “I don’t feel good,” “Damn, I didn’t get enough sleep,” “I don’t feel like getting up”—you get the idea.

One way to ease into your day is this: don’t watch or read the news the first thing in the morning. Watch something you recorded—something enjoyable. It’s a much more pleasant way to start your day, and puts you in a more positive mood.

You can always catch up on the headlines later.

But by then, you’ll feel more awake and able to face the day because you started it on a positive note.

Try it and see.


Copyright 2014 Michelle Kerrigan

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