Taking Time to Slow Down

taking time to slow down

We just got back from a lovely vacation cruising in the Mediterranean. Each day brought a new port, with loads of museums, historical sites and excursions.

Even though we were on vacation, the threat of it becoming very exhausting was very real. I’ve always been the type who feared missing something important—a statue, a landmark, a gallery—you get the idea.

I’ve found that, if I let it, vacation can get overwhelming.

Luckily, I have learned a lot of great things from my husband, and one of them is this: It’s important to sit down, relax, enjoy a great meal, a glass of wine, some people-watching, and a few laughs.

That’s what we did here—in Marseilles.

Many of our cruise-mates scattered in a million directions once we docked, but we just sat in a teensy restaurant by the sea, with a bucket of mussels, some warm fresh baguette, and a carafe of wine.

It was heaven.

So, as you cruise into the weekend, keep this in mind.

Don’t cram too much into your day.

Take time to slow down. You’ll be grateful (and my husband will be pleased!)


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