Step away today.

I recently celebrated a milestone birthday, and, as I adore jewelry shopping, was gifted money to go and splurge.

Looking at all the beautiful pieces in the gold and silver market usually gets me in the “zone”: happy, focused, relaxed.

However, this time, I began to stress over 2 different pieces. They both featured citrine, my birthstone. One was sleek and simple; the other was more ornate and in-your-face. I loved them both, but could only buy one.

After too much time debating over which piece to purchase, I decided to step away: To leave the jewelry counter and head home.

This was the best decision I made that day.

In stepping away, I distressed and gave my mind the space and time to reflect.

We need to do this in the workplace as well, where the decisions we make are much tougher, less reversible, and can have more serious consequences.

In stepping away, we give our minds time to rest from what has been described as “decision fatigue”: exhaustion from over-thinking.

The day after my jewelry hunt, I made a decision: Go with the simple, sleek piece that I can wear more often. And here it is:

Stepping away for better decision making

I’m thrilled with it! More importantly, I know I made the right decision.

So, give yourself that time when making a tough decision at work. Step away, refresh your mind, then come back stronger and more confident.


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