Quick tips & tweets for more confidence at work:

This week’s tips & tweets focus on confidence tips to help startups. Success depends largely on your ability to grow and change without feeling vulnerable in the process.

  • Many entrepreneurs experience anxiety in selling their ideas. It’s like selling themselves. You grow confident when the first sale is to yourself.
  • When you focus on how you help others, it builds confidence in you, your company, your team and your investors.
  • Be able to convey your value in human terms: Don’t sound like a presentation or resume.
  • Understand that everything is marketing, so you need to become socially savvy—up close and personal—to succeed.
  • When pitching, think of your audience. Use terms to help them envision successful outcomes. Also make eye contact—it establishes trust.
  • Building rapport & trust is important with investors & clients, as well as your team. They are also the hallmarks of leadership.


Copyright 2014 Michelle Kerrigan

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