Ways You Give Your Power Away @Work

So—we’re up to the next way you give your power away at work.

To refresh your memory, here are the first 5:

  1. You spend too much time and energy trying to change others.
  2. You put all your career eggs in one basket.
  3. You allow other people to define you.
  4. You can’t disconnect and just be.
  5. You don’t take any, or all, of your vacation days.

And here’s #6: You don’t ask for what you want because you fear rejection.

You don’t ask for that raise. You don’t ask for a promotion. You don’t ask for a referral. You don’t ask for help.

Any of this sound familiar?

Many people think: “I’ll wait till I have more confidence (more experience, more this, more that), and then I’ll ask.”

But, confidence comes from doing, not waiting. It comes from going against what your anxiety dictates—like avoiding asking.

You’re actually rejecting yourself when you don’t ask, mainly because you don’t think you’re worth it.

There’s an old saying: “Don’t ask, don’t get.”

So, start asking.

Start getting.

Start believing you’re worth it. You are!


Copyright 2014 Michelle Kerrigan

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