Quick tips & tweets for more confidence at work.

This week’s tips & tweets are all about making positive changes in 2015.

Actor Jim Carrey once said “Intention is everything.” I think that’s very true. You need focus to succeed.

You also need process to get from here to there, as well as structure, motivation, collaboration, and confidence.

But, intention is a good place to start. So—here goes:

This year: Know that no one succeeds alone. No one. And no one is confident in all things. We all need support!

This year: Get the support you need from people who lift you up, not push you down.

This year: Accept who you are and where you are–right here and right now–and move forward from there.

This year: Don’t guilt so much about the past or worry too much about the future.

This year: Don’t get overwhelmed by large goals—break them down into smaller steps.

This year: When you get anxious, just focus on the next positive step you need to take to move towards your goal. Then do it!

This year: Think less. Do more.

Wishing you all great confidence and success this year and all years!,



Copyright 2015 Michelle Kerrigan

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