Courageous Conversations

Recently, on my TV show, Workplace Confidence, we discussed courageous conversations we all need to have in our personal lives.

I call them “courageous” because these can be difficult discussions, requiring a lot of confidence and care.

In business, we call it “contingency planning” for when things go wrong. The same applies to our personal lives.

These are conversations you need to have at home and in the workplace–and most importantly—with yourself.

They concern present and future wants and needs—contingency planning for your life, and the lives of loved ones. This planning includes what I call the “big 4”: will, health care proxy, power of attorney, and living will.

It also includes courageous conversations that we need to have to gain support in the workplace while caring for sick and/or elderly relatives, and still getting work done.

My guest, Marilyn Sauline, RN, MPA, helped me navigate these topics.

Take a look…


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