Think twice.

think twice before you speak

Last night, I saw a post on social media that really annoyed me. Just as all the quick commentators, I felt like responding right away.

Something stopped me.

I realized I was angry, and that now was not the time to add my two cents.

Like many people, I am told that I am at my best when I’m angry. I’m focused, in the moment, and therefore, have no hesitation.

But, it was in this moment that my response was meant more to soothe me and no one else.

That’s not confident. It’s irresponsible: When all you want to do is hurt someone.

I waited till this morning, and looked at the post again.

Then, I delivered a more positive reaction that soothed more than just me.

Now I’m confident I did the right thing.

With—and without—hesitation.


Copyright 2015 Michelle Kerrigan

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