Calming yourself in a storm.

calming ourselves in a storm

“Like most things in life, it’s the stories we tell ourselves that get in our way.”

I wrote this line a long time ago, and thought about it this morning.

We were expecting a huge storm in New York City yesterday. Of course, the media amped up the anticipatory anxiety big time. And, with the help of social media, the fear snowballed out of control.

I listened for 10 minutes and then turned everything off. I had had enough crazy-making.

Many of us don’t need help to feel anxious. We can do this easily all by ourselves.

We can also speak to ourselves in a way that helps us to think and act calmly.

So, I decided on a few things I had to do to prepare for the storm, and got to everything on my list. I felt great: Ready and relaxed.

We all have to be able to do this for ourselves, with any storm we face in our lives.

How we talk to ourselves is key to how we feel and act.

If it were up to the media, our stories would be filled with drama.

But, we can tell ourselves a different story—one that’s filled with calm and peace.

We choose what we think and how we act.

What’s your story going to be?


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