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“I’m old-school. I don’t have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I still write in a notebook.”Angelina Jolie


I read this quote in an interview Jolie did with People magazine.

Many might criticize her for not being up-to-date with technology, but she seems to be doing just fine without it.

Here’s the thing: I know many people who are doing just fine without it. After all, technology is meant to enhance our lives, not detract—or distract us—from it.

This very topic came up when I was coaching my friend recently on her organizing skills. She was very comfortable keeping a paper calendar and a to-do list. This part of her life was the one area that was actually working well for her.  When it came to her schedule, she felt in control and confident.

However, she also felt pressure from her friends and colleagues that she should be using apps and a smartphone to keep track of her appointments. She hated the thought. I recommended she use whatever worked best for her.

We all need systems we trust—that make us feel good and in control—regardless of what’s new and trending.

Like Angelina Jolie, many people may find success with a system all their own.

And, regardless of advances in technology, may be doing just fine without it.


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